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When it comes to selecting the flavor of your cake, the possibilities are endless! It’s important, not to mention so much fun, to do a cake tasting with your baker so that you have the opportunity to try every flavor possible. Can’t decide on your multiple favorites? Try doing different flavors on each layer! Be sure to save you and your fiancé’s favorite flavor for the top layer, which you’ll want to save for your 1 year anniversary.

Below are some flavors and combinations from local cake artist, Sheri Davis of Sheri’s Edible Designs. Her newest flavor, Blueberry Pancake, is DELISH! Trust me, I’ve tried it for myself!

Specialty Cake Flavors

  • It’s Island Time – White cake infused with lime syrup with a hint of tequila, a layer of butter cream and homemade lime curd.  Tastes like a Margarita!
  • Blueberry Pancake – layers of soft vanilla cake brushed with maple syrup, filled with vanilla butter cream and blueberry compote.
  • Chocolate Banana– Alternating layers of chocolate and white cake filled with a dark whipped chocolate ganache and fresh bananas.
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberry Chunk – Chocolate cake filled with dark whipped chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries with miniature chocolate chips in every bite!!
  • Chocolate ‘Cheese’cake – Alternating layers of dark chocolate cake and creamy white cheesecake filled with whipped chocolate ganache.
The outside of the cake is just as important as what goes inside. Today, cake artists are taking their talents to new extremeness turning their confections into artistic exhibits at weddings. They’re so beautiful, it’s hard to imaging cutting into them! Just take a look!

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Hospitality at Its Finest: Your Guide To Creating the Perfect Wedding Welcome Bag

Welcome bags are a fun and hospitable way to welcome out-of-town guests to your destination wedding location! Filled with everything from gourmet goodies and gifts to local maps and things to do, your guests will be delighted at how thoughtful and resourceful this hospitable gesture is!

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Welcome bags are also a great way to introduce your guests to the overall theme of your wedding! If you’re going for a tuscan theme and your colors are wineberry and apple green, try incorporating those colors into the packaging. You should also base the items inside around your theme. In the case of the tuscan theme, you could include a bottle of wine (or wine split, which serves 2 glasses), a personalized corkscrew and a serving of cheese and crackers.

via Dust Jacket Attic
Welcome bags can be prepared for each guest or groups of guests staying together. You’ll need to do a bit of pre planning to arrange for them to be delivered. If you’ve blocked off rooms at certain hotels, you can call reservations to find out who has booked under your block name. This way, you’ll know how many bags to deliver to each hotel and be able to provide the front desk with a list of guests who they should be delivered to. Some hotels will charge a small convenience fee to hand out the bags upon your guest’s arrival so be sure you ask ahead of time so there are no surprises.

via A Charleston Bride


  • Local Map (contact the local Chamber of Commerce to find out if anyone disburses them free of charge)
  • Restaurant Recommendations
  • Important Phone Numbers:
    • A family member or friend who can answer any wedding related questions from guests
    • Emergency phone numbers (hospital, police department, fire department, poison control, etc.)
    • Taxi Cab Companies
    • Bride and Groom’s Phone Numbers
  • Personalized Bottled Water
  • Local Goodies (i.e. Savannah Bee Company honey, Pecan Pralines, etc.)
  • Wedding Itinerary (just in case someone forgets the invitation)
    • Rehearsal Details
    • Ceremony location, start time and directions
    • Reception location, start time and directions
  • Local Magazine (many towns/cities have free publications that they will give to you to)
  • Emergency Items (i.e. Bandaids, IBU Profin, etc.)
  • Symbolic Gift of:
    • The wedding
    • The couple
    • The couple’s home town 
    • The wedding’s destination location
  • Thank You Message from Bride and Groom

Here is a welcome bag we’re putting together an upcoming wedding:

Reusable Shopping Bag and Tissue Paper ($3.00 each)

Key Lime Cooler Cookies ($5.00 each), Coffee Crunch ($10.00 each)

Charleston Cheddar Biscuits ($2.00 each), Personalized Chocolate Covered Oreo Box ($5.50 per box of 3)

Personalize 20oz Water Bottle ($2.00 each), Local Publication, Sunscreen Travel Size ($1.50 each)

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